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The Pump King web design LiverpoolThe Pump King web design LiverpoolThe Pump King web design Liverpool

The Pump King, is an online footwear website selling low-cost shoes from festival wellies to mens plimsolls. They asked us to create a trendy, modern brand and develop an e-commerce website for their entire range of footwear, complete with order & member managment.

The Brand Design

The brief from The Pump King was to develop a strong identity that would appeal to a younger demographic. We decided to go for a simple, bold logo that would be easily recognisable and applicable across to wide range of materials for future use. Due to the nature of the business we wanted the logo to look trendy and clean cut, so we decided to play on the ‘king’ part of the name and designed a simple crest and crown style logo. We wanted to keep the crest more modern than the traditional ‘coat of arms’ style, so we used simple, flat vectors combined with a bold colour scheme to achieve this.

Website Design

the PumpKingEnsuring the web catalogue was well organised and simple to use was paramount for us and is where we focused most of our attention. E-commerce websites can be quite intimidating and confusing for customers so our goal was the keep the design and layout as clean cut and minimal as possible, with a simple navigation and heavy focus on actual products. With over 100 products (all in various colours) it would be easy to become lost in the amount on offer, so we had our work cut out providing a simple user experience.

We also wanted product images to be accessible in high-resolution for users in a way that stayed in line with the website – It’s these kind of features that improve customer confidence when purchasing products online.