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Terriers Interactive CD-Rom

Terriers is a play written by Maurice Bessman which is based in Liverpool and focuses on modern gang culture and gun crime. We worked in partnership with local youth charity Ariel Trust to develop interactive content such as games, animation and learning activities for an educational CD-Rom which is used throughout schools in the UK.

Terriers character

The Terriers CD-Rom includes interactive activities that are based around the G.C.S.E English curriculum, with the main focus on teaching pupils how to create monologues through video and role playing exercises, below are examples of exercises from Terriers.

Character videos

Terriers character videosStudents can interact with the characters of Terriers and find out about their backgrounds and how they have become involved in gang culture. They will then by questioned by the characters through video and will be given interactive storyboards that they can use to say how they would have done things differently to avoid becoming involved in a gang.

Interactive monologue marking

This exercise shows students an example of a written monologue and gives them the opportunity to interact with key parts of the content to gain an insight into how a teacher would comment and grade it.

Visually we delivered a hard hitting grunge style that appeals to the ‘younger generation’ and looks very ‘urban’, with the idea being to keep the CD-Rom as engaging and real looking as possible.