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Street Heat 2 Interactive CD-Rom

Street Heat 2 is a CD-Rom that we developed with Ariel Trust that focuses on fire and vandalism in today’s youth culture.  With the original ‘Street Heat’ already being actively used in schools across the UK Ariel Trust contacted us with a view to creating the second CD-Rom that would contain new interactive content and be visually more appealing that the original.

Our first job was to create a new visual style that would be more appealing to teenagers. Due to the success and nature of previous CD-Rom’s we knew that a grungy urban style was well received as it made the CD-Rom’s feel more genuine and hard-hitting.

In terms of content ‘Street Heat 2’ was heavily based around video so the interactive freedom we had for activities such as games was limited. We had to focus more on animation and visual style to grab the attention of the users, unlike with previous CD-Rom packages.