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R.A.T.S Interactive CD-Rom

Road Awarness Training Session (R.A.T.S) is the most recent and largest Interactive CD-Rom that we have created. It focuses on Road traffic accidents and was created in partnership with Ariel Trust and the Cumbria Fire and Police departments. Our job on this project was to build a highly interactive CD-Rom and create a visual style that would look stylish but also quite graphic in parts as it will be aimed at users from the ages of 16-18 years.

Example exercise’s from R.A.T.S

Family fortunes quiz

This exercise features an interactive quiz that is based around the popular TV show Family Fortunes. Users are asked to find the 5 top answers in relation to topics based on dangerous driving, and get a question wrong and you’ll hear that old famous ‘X’ noise.


rats seatbelt exerciseA more graphic exercise that contains a video of a real life crash where the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. Users see the crash from inside the car and are given an interactive target which they are asked to place on the screen to determine where they think the driver will land. Once the target is placed they see the full video and the outcome, and it’s safe to say the outcome it’s not what they usually think.

In terms of Interactive content the R.A.T.S CD-Rom is our most advanced and diverse as it contains a mixture of quirky and fun games but then it also has some very graphic and hard hitting exercises.