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The brief from Oasis was to develop a professional identity that represented the secure and nurturing values of fostering. We decided to keep it really simple and clean-cut, but with that little touch of class. Due to the nature of the business we wanted the logo to look professional and trustworthy, so a simple, flat graphical style – combined with the relaxed colour scheme – portrays a calm but assertive feel to the brand.

Web Design

4 Steps To FosteringThe aim for the website was to be a resource of information for potential foster carers’. There are many questions people have when considering fostering and, with the wealth of information available, it had to be accessible. We tackled this by breaking the information down into 4 digestible sections about fostering, with an accompanying FAQ section.

Having quality and easily accessible information is only a small part of what Oasis do, however, and a main purpose of the site was to encourage people to get in touch – either by telephone or through the contact form.