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Eco-Friendly web design

Netweaver is a web hosting provider based in the North West who asked us to re-design their brand and website. Their old website didn’t do enough to promote their environmentally friendly service and was looking outdated.

‘Eco’ is a popular trend at the minute - The perception of a green company is something consumers like to associate themselves with, but when it comes to the design of their brand it’s usually an afterthought. We wanted the Netweaver brand to fully incorporate its green values and be consistent, from the logo to the website.

The brief from Netweaver was to create an identity that was young and forward-thinking, without losing a professional edge. We loved the name Netweaver and wanted the logo to be based on an abstract metaphor of someone browsing the Internet - weaving in and out of networks. An organic design touch was added to the logo with a worn texture that also reflects the established nature of the business, which has been running for more than 10 years.

Netweaver website design screenshotWe wanted the website design to be an extension of the brand we created for the logo. Green is strongly associated with the environment, and was an obvious colour choice, but we didn’t just want a monotone green site. The brief had suggested striking colour usage, so we opted to run with a varied colour palette of:

We combined these colours with textures such as wood and paper to give a natural feeling to the website.

You can follow Netweaver on Twitter (take a look at the Twitter background while you’re there!) or if you need some web hosting space have a look at their packages.