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Mellow Dental approached us with their concept of developing a website that provides help, advice and guidance for people with dental worries, with a focus on those nervous about the dentist.

The website had to be multi-faceted, providing a platform for a blog, general dental information, treatments, questions and dental referrals. Housing all this in one website aimed at nervous patients, who can be overwhelmed with lots of information, proved quite the challenge.

comforting design

Dentists are a notorious fear for patients, so our aim for the design of the site was to extend the brand with a clean-cut feel and the soft colours of blue and green. A minimal style helps to spread the load of the information on offer and reduce clutter, disposing of any unnecessary design elements.

Dental Community

One objective from the offset was to not make the site a static resource of information – there’s plenty of that on the web already. Instead, community and social sharing (questions, comments, Facebook/Twitter/Bookmark sharing) became integral to the site and, with Dr. Roy Bennett’s human-face to the brand, users can establish a connection with the website.