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Heritage past and present designHeritage past and present design 2

Heritage Interactive CD-Rom

Our job on this project was to design, animate and construct an interactive CD-Rom that will be used throughout schools in Liverpool and the North West of England.  Working together with local charity Ariel Trust, Brunswick youth centre and Liverpool based illustrator Marc Lewis we developed a diverse and highly interactive CD-Rom that contains 22 exercises, which are spread over 4 topics covering Fashion, Games, Punishment and relationships.

Heritage graphic design

Example of CD-Rom exercises

Mannequin (Fashion)

This exercise gives users the chance to dress a plain mannequin in a selection of mixed clothes from different decades, ranging from 1960s ‘Mods’ to modern day ‘Hoodies’.

Heritage Mannequin graphic

Street View (Games)

The aim of this game is to compare and contrast the difference between two street scenes, one set in the 1950s and one in the present day. Users are given control of an interactive character that demonstrates the differences in how street games have changed and developed over the years.

Cane Game (Punishments)

This game gives users the chance to listen to former pupils talk about their past experiences in schools and the type of punishments they would receive if they stepped out of line in the classroom. There is also a multiple choice quiz included in which users must match a punishment to its corresponding year.

For more information about the CD-Rom or if you wish to purchase a copy contact us or Ariel Trust.