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Denial Interactive CD-Rom

Denial was the first Interactive CD-Rom that we worked on with local youth charity Ariel Trust. It was based around a short film that focused on the effects of homophobic bullying in schools.  We were approached by Ariel Trust with the idea to build a CD-Rom that would appeal in the classroom and keep students engaged and active in their lessons. Denial has a modern visual style and 15 up-to date interactive exercises, an example of these are -.

Magazine Exercise

Students are given the task of creating their own magazine so to help them out this exercise gives them the chance to play with an interactive magazine on the CD-Rom.  The combination of slick animation and interactive content makes this an enjoyable and useful exercise.

Radio news exercise

denial radion newsThis exercise allows students to use a built in interactive MP3 player and listen to different radio news articles and questions that related to homophobic bullying.

Since being incorporated into Rainhill High school G.C.S.E English lessons there has been a significant rise in the grades of their students.

Rainhill head of English Steve Talbot speaks very highly of Denial “‘Denial’ is a win, win. It delivers effective citizenship education as well as significantly improving results in both Key Stage 3 and 4.”