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Ariel Trust logo30th oct posterbosco poster

Below is a collection of poster that we have designed in collaboration with Ariel Trust and local schools from Liverpool. Each poster is designed around a message used to highlight different dangers that teenagers may face in modern society.

30th October poster

Oct 30th posterThis poster was created with a group of young students from Knowsley with a view to highlight the dangers of so called ‘mischief night’ which falls on 30th October. The kids in the poster are the students who worked with us in order to create the poster and had a direct input into how they wanted the poster to look. An eye catching ‘gritty’ look was the idea they had for the style of the poster.

St John Bosco Arts College posters

For this project we worked with Ariel Trust and a group of students from St John Bosco Arts College, we were given the task of creating three eye catching posters that would be displayed through out schools on Merseyside. A group of students devised the ideas behind the posters and we applied the design and visuals. The posters were released to highlight the effects of under age drinking in conjunction with Children in need.

alcohol poster 1pretty drunk2


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