Notice: Happycry is no longer in operation. Paul & Will are now working as freelancers but can still be contacted on Happycry emails. Read more about the change here »

Over the coming months you will be consistently hearing from us through our blogs and newsletters, so before we start its only right that you get to know us.

Let us introduce ourselves

It would be rude of us to launch our website and blog without first introducing ourselves. If you’ve had a look around the site then hopefully you will have ‘clicked on’ to who we are and what we do – But if not:

In the red corner

Happycry iconWe are a brand new web & graphic design studio in Liverpool, UK. We’re only small, a partnership in fact, and we have been getting our business off the ground for the last few months. Not being your standard design studio/agency we design for all sorts of different media, including the web, print and digital platforms (such as CD-ROMs… yes, they still get used!).

Quick Introductions

As I said there are two of us. First up there’s me, Will, I’m primarily a web designer and obsessed by anything new and digital-like: The Internet, Gadgets, Computers etc. That’s right, I’m a bit of a geek. I’m also a slight workaholic and a perfectionist ,the two go hand-in-hand for me. Over to Paul…

Hi there I’m Paul, I’m the graphic designer and the guy with the better ideas at Happycry! I like the visual side of life so when when it comes to the complicated coding stuff I like to stay well out the way and leave it all to our office geek Will. It’s my job to get creative with our projects in order to get them looking as slick and original as possible.

The Blog

Enough of who we are for now, we’re here to talk about this – our blog. You’ll be hearing a lot of us through this blog and we hope to hear a lot from you too. The aim is to keep it interesting, informative and conversational (the bit we need you’re help for) with subjects such as:

Design – Obviously, this is what we do and what we’re good at so we’ll be writing about web, graphic & interactive design as well as our design methodologies. There might be the odd case-study on a selection of our clients as well.

Business – This has been our life for the past many months and we want to share the mistakes we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learnt along the way. To kick this off we’ll be doing a ‘starting a business’ series, starting with part 1, Get The Ball Rolling.

Reviews – Spending a lot of our days on computers and the internet, we use a lot of software, services and applications. Some we like so much that we’re going to review them (of sorts). Well, if it’s useful why not share the wealth.

get involved

Blogs aren’t that exciting if people don’t find the content interesting enough to comment. We spend enough time talking to ourselves so we’ll be trying our damnedest to write articles worthwhile. OK, that’s it for our introductions – say hello in the comments if you please – here’s to a successful blog.

Posted on 30 November 2009

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